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March 8 2018

Hidden Among Us: Identifying and Supporting Students Impacted By Mass Incarceration - workshop

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March 2 2018

Before You Can Speak Ya Truth, You Must First ID Your Passion!

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March 1 2018

Come and celebrate the one year anniversary of Speak Ya Truth with me and John! 

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#SpeakYaTruth #SocialActivism #TheDukes

April 17 2017

Thanks to all of you who emailed, called, wrote, or otherwise petitioned NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo re: proposed prison visitation budget cuts! We won! 

#SpeakYaTruth #SocialActivism #TheDukes

Congrats Vivett Dukes!!!

March 1 2017

Come and celebrate with me and John as we birth our new project - LIVE, in Times Square, NYC, on FB LIVE!!!!!

Last night, exactly nine months since we got married, my husband John and I officially launched our website www.speakyatruth.org! If you missed the big video reveal in Times Square, NYC -- here it is!  Thank you for supporting us along our journey of love, truth, acceptance, and transparency. 


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March 6 2017

Prison is like the elephant in the room of our society that nobody is really taking about on a personal level, at least not from the viewpoint of the loved ones of those loving them on the outside. What is it REALLY like to visit someone in prison? I had lots of questions before I visited my husband John for the first time and I'm sure, if you're anything like me, you have lots of questions, too! 


In this week's FB Live episode, I endeavor to shed some light on the good, the bad, and the ugly of my personal experiences as a prison visitor, as well as what you should know if you are planning to visit a loved one who is incarcerated. 

The importance of phone calls to prisoners and their families...the struggle is real!

March 13 2017

Prison is not about rehabilitation. It's about punishment, and not only the punishment of the inmate, but also of those who choose to love and stand by them during their incarceration. 


Although it is a proven fact that family contact greatly reduces recidivism (the likelihood of one returning to prison), at every turn barriers are erected to make keeping in contact, whether it be via visits or by way of phone calls, an uphill battle. 


In last week's FB live, I spoke to you about the nuances of what a visit to a maximum security prison in New York State entails. This week, I'm shedding light on the difficulties John and I experience with making / receiving phone calls because there just aren't enough of phones to go around. 


Please call and/or write


(518) 474-8390

Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York State Capitol

Albany, NY 12224


and advocate for prison reform for visitation (7-day visitation schedule, not the proposed cut to 3-days a week) and phones (place more phones in prisons to help keep families connected).


John and I thank you.

#TheDukes #SpeakYaTruth 

Vivett, What's It Like Being Married to A Man In Prison?

March 20 2017

Since shaking the shame off of being married to a man who is incarcerated and sharing our love with the world, I have received many messages and inquiries from people who want to know what the nuances of our marriage entail given the circumstances. In this FB Love, I shed some light on this topic.

Would You Date A Man/Woman In Prison?

March 22 2017

With Black and Brown men being disproportionately represented as inmates in the current prison system and with Black and Brown women being disproportionately represented in the unmarried and single-mother population, is it viable for them to consider engaging in a relationship with a man in prison? Inquiring minds want to know.

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