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Vivett Dukes' Keynote at ECET2NY914

During this episode, Franchesca Warren talks with Vivette Dukes- a NYC teacher about her experiences with being homeless while teaching. The number of homeless students in U.S. has doubled since before the recession. The number of homeless children in public schools has doubled since before the recession, reaching a record national total of 1.36 million in the 2013-2014 school year, according to new federal data. But that leads us to ask, what about the teachers who find themselves in similar situations?

Vivette gets deeply personal as she discusses the “small” setbacks that led to her and her daughter becoming homeless and how she was able to persevere and “get back on her feet”. In addition, Franchesca and Vivette discuss the skyrocketing rent prices in New York City and things teachers can do to make their financial situations better.

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