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"My Time and Changes": Lawrence Brown Speaks His Truth

"Greetings. I am a African-American male whom would like to inform you of what prison is truly like behind the wall. 1st of all the experience is differently totally from why's broadcast to the public on television. My experience these 10 years has opened my eyes to reality regarding how to embrace prison time. I have witnessed a lot of slashings that could of been avoided; yet, certain individuals allow their  pride to lead them in making decisions. Prison life is and can be a life changing experience - it all depends on what's important to person who has to embrace a prison term. 

I was confused when I first touched down up North; I was told all types of different stories. Later on, after a couple of months I learned that prison is just a building that a person is housed at to pass by the time that they were sentenced to for their crime. My learning experience was being forced to abide by rules and the lack of control an offender has when it comes to correctional officers. I've  had legitimate proof that an alleged incident was falsified and my proof was ignored! Throughout this time, I have learned to remain humble.

Had I not turned my life back over to God, I may have allowed my pride to lead me toward a new prison term by not using self-control. My daily experience in prison is to think before reacting to any situation physically because what's important is to be able to break the cycle of our young losing their childhood and teenage years to prison or other dark places due to lack of knowledge of not knowing their worth.

Most of the younger generation is mislead due to someone they may have known or grew up with going to prison and then returning to the neighborhood praising and bragging about being locked down. Prison is nothing to brag about. It is just another way to tarnish you and what society sees you as -- a failure. Change comes from within a person and once a person decides that their life is worth living, they will do what it takes to do better so that their lives will turn out better. I feel that the prisons are just buildings. The true prison is within your thoughts. Believe in yourself to achieve your goals remain focused, Lionheart."

 - Lawrence Brown, 08A1345

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