• John & Vivett Dukes

DOCCS Package Directive Is Suspended!

“NY Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced that he is suspending the "flawed" DOCCS package directive!! More to come. Thank you to all those who spoke out and to those who were passionate that this not move forward. It's not over yet but this is GREAT news. The people spoke, and the Gov listened!!!” This is the email I received a few hours ago from my friends and co-activists at The Osborne Association —talk about a prayer answered! Here is the statement issued by DOCCS:  Statement from DOCCS Spokesperson Thomas Mailey: "As part of a multi-faceted plan to address the flow of contraband, the Department recently launched a pilot secure vendor program in three of its facilities, similar to ones already in place in nearly 30 other states. However, concerns have been raised by families of inmates regarding the availability and price of products under this program, concerns we do not take lightly. To that end, the Governor has directed the Department to suspend this pilot program until these concerns are addressed. In the meantime, we will redouble our efforts on the other parts of our multi-faceted plan to eliminate contraband and increase safety in our prison system.”

The fight is far from over, but we would be remiss not to acknowledge this victory. I know so many of you reading who support John and I and other families impacted by the inhumanity of incarceration expressed genuine concern about how this directive would hurt us. Please allow me to thank you for your efforts towards halting this directive dead in its tracks. I implore you to continue fighting with us at Speak Ya Truth for the humane treatment of those incarcerated and their families.