• John & Vivett Dukes

Take Action! Sign Bills That Support Visiting Incarcerated Individulas in New York State

A desire to be connected and to feel a sense of belongingness is one that, as members of the human race, we all share; however, when it comes to family members and friends being able to visit their incarcerated loved one(s), there is a grave disconnection and disparity that damages this very vital thread of sustainability. Access to the viable resources required for family visits is scarce. Busses needed to provide transportation to the prisons where our loved ones are housed continues to fall under attack. After working a 40-50 hour work week, to have to wake up at the crack of dawn on a weekend to navigate the reduced-service public transportation of the MTA adds mental, emotional, physical, and financial stress to the already inherent stress that comes with loving, supporting, and being there in every facet possible for our incarcerated loved ones just like we were before they were taken behind the wall. The love didn’t leave. They were taken and more effort is put into assuring that our families are separated as opposed to ensuring that we remain intact. Bringing back the prison visiting bus program to provide the family members of incarcerated individuals with free, bi-monthly transportation to NYS prisons is a solution to this pervasive problem. Contact your district representatives and assembly persons. Sign Bills A7016A and S5693. They support the maintenance of our families ties despite incarceration by presenting NYS Legislators with a detailed request for the reinstatement of the free bus transportation needed to visit our incarcerated loved ones in New York State jails and prisons. Why? Because a desire to be connected and feel a sense of belongingness is a need that, as members of the human race, we all share. Thank you for taking action and being a part of the positive change that is needed for our communities to fight the reverberation of mass incarceration that has been diabolically and methodically exacted upon us. 

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