• John & Vivett Dukes

A new report exposes companies involved in the prison industrial complex

Here at Speak Ya Truth, we’re excited to share that the Corrections Accountability Project at the Urban Justice Center, a partner of ours in the criminal justice advocacy space, has published a report exposing corporations that rely on the criminal legal system for revenues. It serves as the largest lens into the prison industrial complex ever published. The Prison Industrial Complex: Mapping Private Sector Players identifies over 3,100 corporations across twelve sectors, ranging from construction to transportation and healthcare to telecom, that profit from the devastating mass incarceration of our nation’s marginalized communities. The report aggregates critical information about these corporations to help advocates, litigators, journalists, investors, and the public fight the commercialization of justice.

We encourage you to read the report and explore the data available here . 

Thank you,

John & Vivett Dukes

Co-Founders, Speak Ya Truth

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