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Yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever...

I love all we share in our sweet life together!


Dear Vivett C. Dukes,

I still do! I’m fighting for our love these days — you did that! I’m up late writing letters to people on our behalf. I’ll never forget how this administration handled our marriage. I’ll never forget how difficult outsiders made it for us. In spite of it all we loved each other. We still love each other. We prayed and fases against he powers of darkness. We drew closer together in ways we didn’t know possible. I cried. You cried. I never experienced love on this level. I know God has something powerful in store for us. I know God has us! I love you and like you more each day. Thank you for everything sweetheart. 5-28-16 to forever. Enjoy your Mother’s Day. Belle, you’ve earned love and so much more. I can’t wait to experience loving you on the outside. Praise God! Always, Praise God!

Love always,

Your husband,


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