• John & Vivett Dukes

The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Incarceration

When we look into the historical backgrounds of men, women, and children who are incarcerated, many of them have experienced considerable adverse childhood experiences (ACE) that are inextricably related to the circumstances of the crime they committed that wound them up in prison. Please be clear: this is not about making excuses. Facts are facts. People incarcerated are still human beings. Too much focus and funds are placed on exacting remarkably long prison sentences and inhumane forms of punishment that do little to help or heal their ailments. If true rehabilitation, restoration, and reduction are to be achieved, we must address and eradicate the causations of adverse childhood experiences within our society. Instead of unjustly and ineffectively reacting to the criminality that will assuredly ensue from these traumas, let’s move towards proactively protecting our most precious and priceless resources - our children. Subscribe to www.speakyatruth.org to learn more and become a part of this work. #SpeakYaTruth🗣💯❤️

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