• John & Vivett Dukes

Family Is Life

As human beings, we all need to feel a sense of safety and belongingness in order to reach our fullest potential and acquire self-actualization. Whether it’s our biological family or the family created by loving friends, thriving in life necessitates familial connectivity. It is within our family units that we experience love, acceptance, and stability. 

Although numerous studies substantiate the claim that recidivism is greatly reduced when those incarcerated remain in close contact with their family members, the system of oppression that is inherent in the prison industrial complex and mass incarceration of millions in this country works directly against this researched fact. 

People who are incarcerated are still human beings. That bears repeating: People whonare incarcertaed are still beings. Incarceration denotes where they reside physically, not who they are as a person. The requirements that humans need in order to be well are not removed from them because they are incarcerated. 

They need the love and support of their family. Truth be told, we all do. Family is life. #SpeakYaTruth🗣💯 #TheDukes #JohnAndVivett #LoveNeverFails 

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