• John & Vivett Dukes

Vivett Dukes Speaks Her Truth Via Poetry

In an  hour, I’ll be reciting some of my original poetry. Most of them are retro pieces, but a couple are newer — written within the past two years. The content of the poems in this series range in topic from reciprocated love and social justice outrage to spiritual enlightenment and family ties. It’s so vital to release your creative energies and as I do mine on today, I invite you partake and hopefully be inspired to unleash yours, as well. A special #shoutout to @poetrystreet_openmic and @blueduckbakerycafe for affording me this platform as they celebrate their 4th anniversary of celebrating the art of poetry. I really hope ya’ll join me! I’ll try to go live if I can for those who can’t make it! Thanks for the support, fam. Love.💜 #speakyatruth🗣💯 #shareyourgifts #creativesontherise