• John & Vivett Dukes

Hitting the Reset Button on Life After 20 Years of Incarceration

Returning to mainstream society after 20 years of his life being halted due to incarceration is what Speak Ya Truth  co-founder John Dukes  is currently experiencing. I can only speak to what it’s like to support him as his wife. It’s challenging. He’s missed so much. A lot of time was lost. 

As John and others in this post-incarceration position venture into the many facets of life, family,and career now that they are home, this concept of getting a reset is such a beacon of hope. We all need a do over from time to time. These second chances are big deals that yield major results. 

We will never truly know what my husband and all those formerly incarcerated for decades have been through. Lending our support in this, their “reset” season is what they need to not only survive, but to thrive. 

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