• John & Vivett Dukes

Speak Ya Truth Co-Founders Celebrate Their First Wedding Anniversary Together, On The Outside

Three years ago today, I made one of the best decisions of my life — I married you, Mr. John Dukes. I couldn’t be more delighted with that decision, baby. You are a man of great integrity and character — a man after God’s own heart. Through the most harrowing of circumstances, together with God as our third chord, we have overcome each and every one of them so far very respectfully and effectively. I am so proud of that! Marriage is hard and we are making it do what it do! I am so proud to be your wife. I am proud of the woman I am becoming as I grow in that role. Your presence in my life has drawn me not only closer to you, but closer to God and to my true self. For that, I am eternally grateful. I am better to a great extent because of you, sweetheart. You are a wonderful husband and my absolute best friend. You take such good care of my heart. Thank you. I love you, John. Happy 3rd Anniversary. Here’s to us, Mr. & Mrs. John and Vivett Dukes — with many, many, many more happy, healthy, purpose-filled anniversaries to come — together forever. #happyanni #thedukes #johnandvivett #yearthreeofforever #myhusbae #speakyatruth #blacklovebaby #marriedlife #loveneverfails 

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