• John & Vivett Dukes

Call To Action: Speak Ya Truth Stands with Release Aging People from Prison to Demand a Fully Staffe

Please join us TODAY from 9am–5pm for our call in campaign to fully staff the New York State Parole Board with Commissioners who embrace redemption. While New York State law allows for 19 parole commissioners on the Board, there are still only 12 seated commissioners. This leads to delays and postponements, two-person parole panels and an overall threat to fair and thorough parole interviews. With only three weeks left in the state legislative session, our effort to fully staff the Board with the right commissioners is more urgent than ever. Please take two minutes to make two calls to the leaders of the NYS legislature. Demand they pressure Governor Cuomo to appoint new Parole Board Commissioners to the Parole Board now. The info and phone script are featured above. Join us tonight, Wednesday, June 5th at 6pm, for our monthly Coalition Meeting by phone. On the call, we'll discuss updates, actions, and next steps. To join the call, please dial: 712 770 4598; Access Code: 163133.  

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