• John & Vivett Dukes

Safeguard Children of Arrested Parents in NYC

We just learned from our co-advocates at The Osborne Association that the NYC City Council is voting on Council member Dromm's Child Sensitive arrest bill (see photo) TOMORROW at City Hall. The meeting begins at 1:30pm and is open to the public. We wanted to let you all know since we know this issue is important to many of you. The bill will be part of a larger package of bills put forth in response to the arrest of Jasmine Headley while she was holding her son at an HRA office last December. 

We are hopeful the bill will be passed. It is a good first step to safeguard children of arrested parents in NYC. We hope subsequent bills will be introduced to ensure pre-arrest planning/warrant execution considers whether children will be present and takes steps to delay the arrest until children are not in the home, and when this is not possible, that a plan is in place to provide them with support immediately after the arrest. We also want a bill that would require NYPD to report on when children witness an arrest and other data that will assist us with monitoring implementation. 

Get involved. #speakyatruth #seeussupportus 

This  the plea to all of us from children of incarcerated parents.