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“My One Year Anniversary At Home”: Speak Ya Truth Co-Founder, John Dukes, Discusses His Harrowing Jo

It’s been one whole year since I’ve been home from prison. I’ve been faced with my own dreams and those dreams almost became nightmares. Basically, I learned what kept me sane for almost 20 years of incarceration; has now haunted me while trying to pursue those dreams in society. And although I’ve had a lot of support since prison, I had ideas and thoughts that didn’t match my reality. I found myself being a slave to the dollar and that’s a recipe for disaster. Family and friends kept things from me to keep me as stress free as possible while incarcerated; but now, I’m here in society living in it — Living in a society that the criminal justice system didn’t care to prepare me for and a family who cared so much they purposely omitted the downsizing or the drastic change that in some instances were over night in our household. For me , my first year anniversary home would have been a booming business operated by family and friends. These are familiar settings for me. I’ve been blessed to be raised by entrepreneurs and friends that own things, but because of time inside my familiar settings with family and friends that have businesses still have not flourished for me. People can’t just pay me while I learn basic stuff about the computer. I can’t work for free with a wife and expect to come home to a peaceful home. Realistically, I’m too old for waiting until a good job is available. I’ve faced discrimination with jobs I liked. I’ve also worked a few jobs that paid me next to nothing and almost killed me physically. As I mentioned earlier, I tried to fit in with my cousin who has his own business ; but he has young hungry interns working for him. And interns that actually know something about the business — unlike me; I just know the owners of certain businesses. To my family tuning into Speak Ya Truth ,these are the familiar obstacles I’ve faced and created in some cases for myself. Tonight I give you some hard truths for my one year anniversary home. My wife Vivett has been the rock in my reentry and she has had assistance from my family and friends at times due to this hard reality. I can’t begin to tell you how great she’s been and is concerning my reentry. Our marriage is constantly tested because the roles are not evenly matched. Vivett is a great woman but she’s a phenomenal wife and with that being said, it’s hard for her to be a wife to a husband that’s not currently being the financial provider she rightfully deserves and who, at times, seems to lack so much. Still, we manage to make it through. The power of love is real and for that, I’m so grateful. This is the cusp of what is too come from my one year anniversary gift of being home. There’s more transparency coming your way SpeakYaTruth family. I’m home and it’s time to edify you our viewers with what reentry is all about. Vivett continues to edify family members about marriage,prison related issues, among other things and now reentry into society. We celebrate our marriage with those who plan to live out the happily ever after with us. It can and does exist. We encourage you to keep GOD in all of your affairs and use the tools that are available. (e.g. Osborne Association , counseling , meditation, healthy eating , exercise, etc. ) Trust me , you will need it for a smoother and more truthful transition. Until next time, keep Speaking your Truth. Respectfully, John Dukes with my adoring wife Vivett 

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