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My Mother’s Birthday AND Election Day: Special Edition

I realize everyone doesn’t have the same level of support. In fact, some people that view our Speakyatruth website may be  a parent,sibling, or friend of someone incarcerated. That’s why I need you all to understand something: some of your love ones getting reacclimated to society will have different needs because they had different experiences.

My mother was a huge part of my experience in prison. My mom came to every court date and made sure I had a visit. Ironically, her birthday falls on Election Day a lot and she’s always campaigning for me. I received letters from her handwriting on the envelope and someone else’s note inside — As if she gave them no excuse to forget to mail it. That process was considered early voting or voting by absentee ballot. 

My mom took pictures of everything for me. If a store closed or opened up, she captured it in real time and forwarded it to me in snail mail.(ASAP). This was another great rock that kept me through my years of incarceration. Mom kept me for Vivett. Mom showed me how to appreciate Vivett. My Mother has been and always will be a major factor in my journey to truly live again. 

In addition, to everything mentioned, my Mother helped facilitate my daughter’s and my relationship. I wasn’t with my daughter’s mother ever since my incarceration and my Mom - the real MVP as Vivett affectionately refers to her made those visits possible. 

Again, Mom’s ability to be able to negotiate with my daughter’s mother or appeal to her in a relatable way at a crucial time my daughter needed me the most. There was my Mother in politician mode in a positive way that appealed to a different party. My Mom knew how to be bipartisan and get the results done so everyone could win. Her actions were genuine and bigger than me, my Mom taught me about integrity.

My Mother also introduced me to GOD and reintroduced me to GOD when I got locked up. She has been a great example of GOD’s love for us. Lord knows I’ve disappointed her and she gave mercy to me. Mom gave , instructions and compassion with her words.

My Mom gave laughter to me in dark moments of my prison sentence. She revealed a hope so strong it extended to any cell I had to occupy while incarcerated. It’s no way I could write without going to these defining moments and in some instances, refining moments of my journey to freedom. I will always acknowledge my Mother.

And for those who have issues with who I serve and know to be GOD that’s your issue not mine. I’m going to Speak my Truth and I implore you to Speakyatruth at all times in love. I couldn’t have done anything without my GOD. Word to the non- believers out there: “ GOD forbid you don’t believe in HIM. But you better be grateful that people incarcerated learn about Jesus and turn their lives around because if they didn’t the hell that got them incarcerated would be magnified when you’d hear from them again.” I felt the need to say that because Jesus Christ has been and still is the reason I am truly free from prison. My Mom is just a portion of HIS love for me and I call her one of my rocks. 

So as I close out for now and look forward to sharing next time, I salute my Mother on her birthday today November 5, 2019 in the spirit of bipartisanship. Speak Ya Truth and vote with integrity not just to be different or to fit in but for what’s right and better for all. And, that’s my truth; please listen to your truth even if we disagree or agree it will work itself into its perfect form. Until next time, be well. Oh yea, by the way, I intentionally left my daughter Alexis for my next post. She’s a precious rock that’s been with me and still is with me through the reacclimating process that I will continue to speak about in hopes to empower you and your loved ones.


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